Welcome to The New England Rapid Recovery Center

New England Rapid Recovery offers a single or multi-level healing plan that works with the mind and body while incorporating technology. This unique approach eliminates pain while bringing the body back into balance, resulting in ease of movement. New England Rapid Recovery Center’s concept came to fruition after twenty-four years of clinical experience. Desiring a place where people could come for faster healing, while using state of the art technology, led to the center’s development. The evidence-based pain relief has proven successful whether a person is seeking relief from stress, chronic back pain, or post-surgery situations.

“The focus is re-establishing pain-free range of motion, muscular flexibility, and strength after injury or surgery. Doctors are impressed with the healing rate, restored function, and tissue repair after using one or a combination of modalities. Each piece of technology creates its own higher level of repair and healing, working synergistically restore the individual’s wellness.”

- Tina Michaud-Gray, RN,LMT


Our Mission

New England Rapid Recovery’s mission is helping people heal, live a better quality of life and consciously evolve. Clients will desire participation in a healthier lifestyle to blossom on their life path. New England Rapid Recovery will continue offering one-on-one sessions, small classes and seminars to educate in the following areas: Earthing technology, holistic nutrition and non-invasive pain relief. We will continue growing as a strong resource in these quality practice areas while continuing to learn as practitioners and educators. Globally, New England Rapid Recovery strives to help heal the planet while inspiring/empowering others to pursue similar endeavors.

The New England Rapid Recovery Center

The New England Rapid Recovery Center is the culmination of 24+ years of training, research and experience in the alternative medical arts. Our primary focus is individualized “holistic healing” utilizing several energy techniques, nutritional guidelines, and incorporating personalized massage.

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