Our Rapid Recovery System Can Heal You!

Tina M. Michaud-Gray, Integrative Pain and RehabilitationSpecialist, RN, LMT, SILC,CH is a skilled health care professional with over twenty years of clinical experience in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). As a trailblazer in pain relief and recovery from injuries and surgery, she is the founder of the New England Rapid Recovery Center, Dover, NH, and developer of a unique combination of healing technologies, the non-invasive, state-of-the-art Rapid Recovery system.

Ms. Michaud-Gray is a results-oriented professional, with extensive training and education, who specializes in biomechanical adaptations of the body to determine the source of pain and inflammation. This allows her to treat the origin of the pain and help her patients return to work, the playing field, and life in half the time of more traditional recovery methods. She assesses each patient’s biomechanical, nutritional, emotional, environmental and pharmaceutical state and creates individual treatment plans to meet each client’s unique profile.

The Rapid Recovery system combines Earthing, Sound Frequency therapy, Light Frequency, and nutrition to form a proven method to reduce pain and accelerate healing after an injury, illness or surgery. Michaud-Gray has shared the benefits of her system with everyone from professional athletes, to terminal patients, to our most deserving veterans. She is passionate about ending pain in her patients and speeding their recovery.

If you think you’ve tried everything….think again.

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